Webstore Design and Themes

1. What do you mean by themes? What are they? How are they different?

Imagine an online store.

As you can guess, a store consists of several elements: products gallery, shopping cart, contact information, etc.

All these blocks can be located in different places of a website, and also, they can look totally different.

Simply speaking, a theme of a webstore is the specific way of all these elements’ placement.

AliDropship team can currently offer you 4 themes that:

  • Look adorable and artistic
  • Are optimized for the highest possible conversions
  • Work smoothly on all the possible devices (personal computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones)

You can view our themes on this page.

Also, you can click on each theme to open it and learn:

  • What exactly does it look like

Click the ‘Live Demo’ button to view the full-screen design for the home page of a webstore based on this theme.

  • How does it look on different types of devices

Click on the little icons to learn how this webstore will look on a personal computer, on a laptop, on a tablet, and on a smartphone.

  • What are the technical features of the theme

View the ‘Specification’ tab to learn more about the technical details of the theme.

  • What is the history of updates and improvements for this theme

View the ‘Changelog’ tab to learn how our specialists systematically review and upgrade the themes to get rid of possible bugs and introduce new convenient features.

2. So, all of the AliDropship clients can only choose between these 4 themes? You make tons of websites, and all of them look nearly the same? Where is the uniqueness?

Okay, let’s start from the beginning.

Yes, we only use 4 themes for AliDropship custom stores.

And yes, every store we ever made is built on the basis of one of these themes.

And yes, every store IS STILL UNIQUE in its own way!

What do we mean?

The webstore theme is a “skeleton”. It’s the basic structure of the website, and its function is to achieve smooth performance and operation of the site.

Think about cats, for example: these gorgeous animals have the same skeleton that allows them to move graciously. Still, every cat is unique: they all have their specific eye color, fur pattern, hair length, voice tone, etc. The same is true for our webstores: even though they are built on the same structures, from the visual point of view, they are really different.

How do we achieve that?

When clients contact us to order a custom store, we ask them to fill in our standard questionnaire about their personal preferences and wishes. Our customers can tell us everything about the desired product niche, color scheme, logo ideas, etc. They can even show us the examples of banners, pictures, headers etc. they liked on other websites.

We carefully consider all the requests and use our own creative vision to make several design elements that are specially tailored for this particular store.

These elements include logos, icons, favicons, and header images. As you understand, they are TOTALLY unique for every store we create – we NEVER use the same design elements twice.

That’s how we get a specific and memorable appearance for every webstore!

3. Okay, but I still want a REALLY unique theme. What can I do?

If you don’t want to use AliDropship themes as the basis for your store, there is a great alternative.

Your solution is WooCommerce drop shipping. To get a WooCommerce-based store, you will need to install AliDropship Woo plugin. There exist hundreds of WooCommerce themes, so you’ll be able to choose something that is not used by others so often.

Please note: these themes are developed by people living all over the globe and having different skills and different artistic vision, and not by our team.

4. Is it possible to combine themes? I like the shopping cart design on Rembrandt, but I want the main page to look like Michelangelo. Can you make a website out of several parts?

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