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Web Site Search Engine Promotions - 85% or better of the traffic on the internet comes from the search engines, plus the surfers from the search engines are QUALITY traffic - people who are looking for what your site has to offer!  Making sure that your urls is registered and submitted to the Major International Search Engines properly is the best way to get your hit counter spinning! Learn more just click right here

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There are several reasons why you should resubmit your site monthly:

  -  Lets the search engines know that your web site is still active and has been updated which ensures that your
listings remain in the databases.

  -  Helps your web site achieve a higher ranking for your listing.  Each time most search engines index your site it updates your listings and moves them up in their databases.  

  -  Also search engines share their databases.  So as your listings are moving up the ranking they are also working their way throughout the Internet,  By being patient and persistent you will find your site listed in search engines and directories it was never even submitted to!



When we say Major International Search Engines we mean DMOZ/The Open Directory Project, Lycos, Infoseek, Google (which helps power Yahoo), Northern light, Oneseek, and Many More WORLDWIDE!  After your web site is in their databases a few hits a day can turn into THOUSANDS!   We submit to search engines and directories all over the world including: The United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada,  New Zealand, and Australia!  

We offer 3 different types of search engine submissions:

Automated, by Hand, and a special Affiliate Url Submissions!

Want us to look at your site like the search engines will?  No problem, we can spider your url to get the information and associated linked pages directly from your web site itself!  Need help with your site?  No problem, we will happily provide help with keywords, titles, descriptions, even provide Meta Tags and more (a $250.00 or More VALUE!) to our customers - FREE!  It's all part of the deal; when we say we want to help you get hits - we mean it!  

Also we personally visit each web site to help insure a complete, well-built submission project created by someone thoroughly familiar with your site.  Most submission companies only submit your main url - not us we will submit up 10 urls of your web site.  This gives your site a better chance of getting multiple search engine listings.  No one else
gives this kind of  PERSONAL SERVICE at such an affordable price! You never have to worry about "SPAMMING " a search engine and accidentally getting your site banned from that engine.  We will  track your project and resubmit on time, every time!  You will receive complete, comprehensive E-MAIL REPORTS.  Plus, FREE submission of your main url to over 700,000 ffa/link sites every time we submit your web site to the search engines.  

Hand submissions of your main url to : DMOZ/The Open Directory Project, Alexa, The National Directory, All The Web, Google, Jayde, Alta Vista, Lycos, and Look; plus, our normal search engine submission process for your web site.

Have an affiliate program you want submitted to the search engines or your own domain but you don't want or need the additional url submissions, site optimization help, or ffa submission?  Then you need our Affiliate Url Submissions.  We will submit 1 url with your listed description and keywords to all the Major International Search Engines at a very reasonable rate!

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