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Make it easy for customers to pay for your products and services: Accept credit cards! A Sliplink Network Complete Internet Services Merchant Account makes e-business simple. Increase sales, cut paperwork and reduce risk – our partners authorize credit card purchases, process them and deposit the proceeds into your account. It’s simple!

Order Your Sliplink Network Complete Internet Services Merchant Account

  • Increase sales! According to Visa International, of every $100.00 spent by consumers, nearly $40.00 is in a form other than cash or check. Plus, the average credit card purchase is considerably larger than cash. A Merchant Account is the quick, easy way for these customers to pay.
  • Get paid, fast! Make the move to credit card transactions and start receiving payment within 24-72 hours. And we’ll approve your U.S.-based application within a day. 
  • Increase credibility! A merchant account means you’ve passed the approval process necessary to accept credit cards. Give your customers confidence – accept credit cards!
  • Cut paperwork! Why spend your valuable time processing checks? Instead, have proceeds from all your business’ transactions deposited directly into your banking account.
  • Reduce risk! Automate your transactions and take any hassle out of your sales. Visitors to your site want the convenience, flexibility and security that credit cards offer. They want to spend!


Order Your Sliplink Network Complete Internet Services Merchant Account

Accept credit cards online with a Sliplink Network Complete Internet Services  merchant accounts

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